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When A Man Marries (1909)

When a Man Marries (1909)
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When A Man Marries (1909)
When A Man Marries (1909)

About book: I have always enjoyed reading Mary Roberts Rinehart's mysteries. This one is quite humorous. Enjoyable read. The time period of the story is early 1900's. She mentioned Women's Suffrage in part of her story telling but it's not about that. I'm glad that I'm able to cook, dress myself etc., without the help of a maid. But this group sure knew how to have fun playing card games most of the day, reminds me of someone I know. Hilarious comedy with a touch of mystery and a romance thrown in to make it even more interesting. Mary Roberts Rinehart is much better at comedy than serious mysteries, so this was a light, entertaining read. Ten upper class socialites are quarantined in a house after the Japanese butler at a dinner party falls ill with the smallpox. Misunderstandings, tension and drama mount as expensive pieces of jewelry mysteriously vanish, but all in good humor. Escape attempts only result in their pictures being published in the newspaper by ecstatic reporters who think this is one of their best stories yet. Deserted by all their servants, they are forced to do fend for themselves and do household chores to keep things running smoothly. All ends well: the mystery is solved and everyone gets to go home, with some added surprises.
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Delightful, dotty, fluffy Edwardian screwball. It won't change your life but it's pretty diverting.
Entertaining and funny. One of my favorites of this author.
More farce than mystery. I thought it was great fun.
4.5 Stars! Kit is freakin' hilarious.
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