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When Life Gives You O.J. (2011)

When Life Gives You O.J. (2011)

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About book When Life Gives You O.J. (2011)

Zelly's family moved from New York City to Vermont after her grandmother died, in order to keep an eye on her rather difficult (somewhat crazy) grandfather Ace. Ace is a former judge who has very strong opinions about everything. Zelly desperately wants a dog, her parents say no. So Ace convinces her to make a pretend dog out of a gallon juice jug and take care of it (walking, feeding, even picking up after it--you'll see) to show her parents that she's capable. Of course, this makes her a bit of a weirdo, but also helps her bond with the one other Jewish kid in the neighborhood, and has the intended impact on her parents. I found Ace annoying, but I suspect I was meant to. The book included some good age-appropriate bits about bullying, fitting in with peers, and working toward a goal. I am sure kids in grades 3 and up will enjoy this. Genre: contemporary realistic fictionAnnotation: Zella Fried, a 10 year old girl, desperately wants a dog;however, this was the summer where there were major changes in her family so her parents refused.. When they move in with her grandfather, he realizes that she truly wants a dog and convinces her to get a "practice O.J. Dog" to convince her parents that she is responsible. She learns about death, family, and friendship along the way- especially with her grandfather.Themes: death, family, friendship, taking care of pets, responsibility, bullying, doing the right thingWays to Use: class read-aloud, anti-bullying unit, lessons about true friendship and responsibilityVirginia Readers' Choice 2014 (elementary)

Do You like book When Life Gives You O.J. (2011)?

Much sadder and more serious than the cover and write-up leads you to believe.....but a good read.

Very cute eight year old really liked it

Amazingly well written book and a touching story.

I didn't read it yet so I don't know!!!!

Gr. 4-6.

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