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When Love Comes Along (1996)

When Love Comes Along (1996)

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About book When Love Comes Along (1996)

Lovers of historical romance will be completely captivated by Elaine Coffman’s When Love Comes Along, the sixth novel in the MacKinnons series. The author’s well-crafted story, brimming with historical details including language and dialect fitting for the time period, draws the reader fully into this story.Fletcher Ramsay, born in Scotland but raised in America, is returning to Scotland to seek vengeance against Adair Ramsay, the man he suspects killed his father, and to reclaim the title that was taken from him, Duke of Glengarry. What Fletcher didn’t expect to find upon his return is the love of his life, Cathleen Lindsay. Fletcher is handsome, brave, and confident. Throughout the story, Fletcher shows characteristics of being Scotsman and being a bold American too, a potent combination for a leading man. Cathleen is kind, nurturing, and generous to those in need. As one would expect from the granddaughter of a minister, Cathleen is very spiritual and constantly quotes from the Bible. Cathleen’s quotes are fitting for the story and added depth to her character, especially since she never come off as preachy. The chemistry between Fletcher and Cathleen sizzles as they get to know each other and search for the proof Fletcher needs to prove his heritage. Fletcher is truly a gentleman as he slowly begins to realize that Cathleen has some serious fears about getting married and having children. Fletcher’s patience with Cathleen’s fears is endearing. I empathized with Cathleen’s character as she exposes her vulnerabilities to Fletcher. When Fletcher and Cathleen finally become intimate, their scenes are suggestive and filled with love.Excellently written, When Love Comes Along is an enchanting love story complete with a touch of mystery and a little suspense that I found impossible to put down.I received an eBook copy from the publisher for purpose of an honest review for The Jeep Diva. I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility.

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