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When The Walls Fell (2011)

When the Walls Fell (2011)
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Monique Martin
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When The Walls Fell (2011)
When The Walls Fell (2011)

About book: This second outing in the series from Monique Martin doesn't disappoint and was another whirlwind adventure in time travel and romance. This time, Elizabeth (always quick to act and wonderfully willing to throw herself headlong into adventure)has travelled in time to 1906 San Francisco, just a few days before the devastating earthquake. Simon (who has warned Elizabeth about time-travel and being involved with the Council which he doesn't trust) is suitably horrified to discover she has travelled back in time without him and makes haste to catch up with her before disaster strikes.Monique Martin has an excellent voice in this second outing of her series, and I loved the dynamic between Elizabeth and Simon. Add into the mix a mystery and adventure and the imminent disaster of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, and Monique Martin has created a wonderful book for your reading pleasure. After being disappointed by book #1, I had no interest in number 2 (mostly because of how dumb the adding vampires to book 1 was). This book ended up being marked down for the Kindle, so I gave in and bought it.It was much better than book #1, but there is something about the writing that just doesn't flow as well as I'd like. Not sure if some of it is the weird analogies sometimes mentioned. Not all make sense, and sometimes feels like the author got side-tracked from the story. And acts like she's trying hard to prove she knows the time period. We get it - just describe it like it "is"...Thank you for not adding weird stuff. Time-travel is enough.Very enjoyable. Love the characters and love time travel (which is why I gave it another chance).Onto book 3 (also on sale right now for the Kindle)
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Not quite as good as the first, but still pretty good.
Continuing to enjoy her books :0)
Time travel / romance ... hmmmmmm
it's fun, a quick read.
Another enjoyable read
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