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Whisky State Of Mind (2000)

Whisky State of Mind (2000)
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Whisky State Of Mind (2000)
Whisky State Of Mind (2000)

About book: I really like this story. I feel it could have been longer and more development on the characters. Seemed a little rushed. More background on the relationship of Sawyer and Sky and what the guys meant to her while she was growing up, and why her father left etc.Just lacked a little something - cant put my finger on it though.I dont think their story is finished and would like to see a follow up story, but it was also good as a stand alone - just too short! Sometimes we meet our soulmates when were kids this happens to Whiskey. Whiskey was raised half her life with her rough and tough dad who did sometime. Skye was then raised by her overprotective grandparents. Skye rebelled and went out on her own. Life wasn't easy but Skye already knew this. She was dealing with the normal things then add in a good looking cop and her ex-best friend who happens to be a motorcycle gang member. she feels the pull with both. she hasn't allowed herself to open up to anyone. Its a quick read I felt personally it was a little rushed but I understand why the author did it. If your looking for a semi-bad boy with a good heart you'll find it in this book
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Great read. Loved the storyline and the characters. Can't wait to read book #2!!
Super fast kinda hot read. Nice story.
Not bad...
2.5 stars
3.5 stars
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