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Whisper Of A Witch (2010)

Whisper of a Witch (2010)

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0984592903 (ISBN13: 9780984592906)
Icasm Press

About book Whisper Of A Witch (2010)

Imagine you are one of eight women who felt a call to travel to Savannah, GA and when you arrive you discover you are a witch…a witch who will work to prevent a demon from being called into the world. Shauni Miller is a biologist; she is the non-violent, peace loving, vegetarian daughter of hippies who has the ability to communicate with animals. Shauni is the first of the witches to meet the challenge set before the group. She meets veterinarian Michael Black and finds him extremely attractive but past experience has taught her sharing her ability to communication with animals only leads to heartache so she is reluctant to tell Michael not only about her ability but that she is a witch. Michael has a secret of his own and he fears Shauni will be appalled when he tells her about it. How Shauni meets her witchy challenge and tells Michael the truth about herself made a great book. The book is the first of The Savannah Covent series and I am looking forward to reading the others in the series. Whisper of a Witch is the face paced stunning Savannah coven series by Suza Kates that is written with delicate humour and the intensity I have not encountered until now. I was completely blown away by the secrets of the characters, the many different and entirely captivating characters in this book are in my opinion what makes the books storyline come to life through every turn of the page. At times while reading I found myself breathlessly turning the pages wanting and intrigued beyond imagination to know and learn more of the intensity and fast paced book that is well written and constructed by Suza Kates.I felt an instant pull towards Shauni in her quest to find strength and courage during her journey through the book, and her impeccable pull towards Michael whom she wants to get to know that much more, this leads to a great storyline that is both imaginative and creative and the added concepts of romance to blossom and speak out.The many characters we meet each have their own individual strength and unique voices that speak out throughout the chapters, a delicate piece of creating characters by an author, that I feel is sometimes over looked in other stories where the plot is the main concept. The plot of this story however, is one I cannot wait to read more on, it has depth, pace and humour not to mention the romantic storyline.If you’re looking for a book that will capture you and make you fall into the pages and the storyline of a book then look no further, this series speaks for itself within the first few pages with the wonderfully written characters and storyline. I cannot wait, and I sit here waiting, holding my breath for the future releases by Suza Kates who has the creative writing skills to become a truly worldwide recognised author.Review by Laurie BowlerAuthor of Moon Rising series and Serena Embracing Darkness

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This was a fantastic, engaging read. Beautifully done.

This sounds like a really good read.

Will definitely read the other books

I'm hooked on the Savannah Witches.

Trashy in the most delightful way

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