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Whisper Of Evil (2002)

Whisper of Evil (2002)
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Whisper Of Evil (2002)
Whisper Of Evil (2002)

About book: Whisper of Evil is book five in the Bishop/SCU series, but book two in the Evil trilogy by Kay Hooper. Kay takes us on another paranormal journey of romance, suspense, fear, and determination.Summary:It has been twelve long years since seventeen year old Nell Gallagher left her small hometown of Silence behind, and the boy she loved. Nell never knew she'd come back, but her father is long gone now, so she doesn't fear that interaction. She may be home, but it's only temporary. She will settle her family's estate and then strike out alone on the life she's built for herself. Nell isn't expecting this visit home to be pleasant, for a variety of reasons. Firstly, Nell has an unusual ability, what she calls the Galllagher curse, that enables her to tap into an areas energy signature and see what has and/or will happen. With a recent string of murders that uncovers deep dark secrets in town, Nell isn't expecting to get out of town without getting at least a hint of the bigger picture. Secondly, Nell has demons from her past to put to rest once and for all, but it's easier said than done. Lastly and most importantly, Nell has to come face to face with Max Tanner, the boy whose heart she broke so long ago. As Nell gets settled in for her visit, she quickly becomes aware that her ability is the only edge the police may have on a killer who likes to taunt and play mind games. As Nell works against time to fit the jagged puzzled pieces together, she must accept the help of Max and brace for questions she's not positive she wants to answer. But Nell also has a secret. Armed with more knowledge than even the investigating officers, Nell sets out to find a killer that may be closer to her than anyone can guess. With more questions than answers, can Nell handle the the stress of her gift and the pain of confronting the man she wronged so horribly, all while hunting a killer with inside information and abilities of his own?I really loved this story. I was kept guessing throughout the whole book and unaware of the killer until the author revealed it. We also got a lot of twists and turns an unknowns that had us trying to put everyone in their place. I really liked Nell. Her ability was very unique and I think still growing. I can't imagine living her childhood or dealing with the scary visions she saw. My only criticism of her was her lack of empathy when it came to Max. Yes, she showed remorse for all her wrongdoing, but why not at least cut him loose sometime in the past twelve years. It was a bit selfish to me. Max was fantastic. I liked his barely controlled temper and the intensity he directed at Nell. It was sweet and sexy. Supporting cast was magnificent. You never knew or weren't quite sure who you had until the end. It added to the mystery and suspense. Overall a great addition to the series, and definitely one that will have me coming back for more. <3

The second book in the Evil trilogy, Whisper of Evil isn't quite as good as its predecessor, but still a great story to read. Nell Gallagher goes home to Silence, after running away without a word 12 years previously, to settle her father's estate after his death. When she gets there, the whole town is talking about the murdered men...and the dark secrets they kept whilst alive. So Nell teams up with the man she left behind, Max Tanner, and together they're determined to find the killer. But with Nell's psychic power constantly causing her to blackout, will they be able to find the killer before the killer finds them?I enjoyed how this story progressed as the book went on, with so many secrets coming out, you're kept wondering what's around the next corner, and with the suspicion on everyone in the town, you're constantly looking for clues to who the killer could be. I didn't see the end twist coming at all, although it made sense one it had been revealed and I thought back on what I had read. The psychic visions aspect of it was interesting, it adds a nice touch to the storyline, and the romantic reconnection between Max and Nell softens it, so it's not so harsh. If you enjoy these kinds of books then Kay Hooper's Special Crimes Unit series is a good one for you to try, her books have slight connections, but can be read independently from each other with no problems.
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Angie crosby
Awesome book. I intend to read more of her books. A psychic goes back to her home town under the guise of settling her father's estate. Only she and 2 there with her know her real reason for being there. She is trying to use her gift to help locate the killer who has being killing men in the town . Nell also has to face demons from her own past. I loved this book. It was well written and didn't reveal all the secrets at the beginning. Kept me guessing to the killer and the agent there helping nell.
Awesome.. I don't know how she does it but I am so captivated by the stories around each of these characters. How they all still tie in and are the Crime Unit even though they are not always working together. Sense of Evil should be in my mailbox soon then I'll be taking a Hooper hiatus when I finish up the Evil trilogy. That makes the first 2 trilogies done. After accumulating the next trilogy I will start back. I'm moving onto The Prey series by John Sandford which I have all of up to Storm Prey which ironically I read first.. Anywho enough rambling just catching you reading beauties up. Taking a YA break, it started seeming to me that they were all becoming guessable in a sense. Being a huge fan of old Nancy Drew mysteries I'm kicking it up a notch (A ALOT) with the novels by Hooper and Sandford.
I always find myself enjoying books from Kay Hooper. I love the mystery and the eerieness that surrounds everyone of her plots. This book was no different. It begins with mystery when Nell moves back to her hometown, the town she mysteriously ran away from many years ago leaving her strange family and the man she loved behind. She comes back on the premise of settling her late father's estate, but there is so much more to the story. Nell, being able to tap into past events, is sent on an assignment as we find out Nell is an FBI agent now assigned to a special unit that all have special abilities. She's there to find out who is murdering men of the town, with hidden secrets that come to light after they have died. As the story progresses, we find out the reason Nell left and many other surprises along the way. Throughout the story nothing is given away until the end. Just when you think you know what will happen, it happens, and it's a big twist even then. I really enjoyed this story. I found myself with a few chapters to go last night but I couldn't stop reading because I just HAD to find out what happened. As usual, Ms. Hooper didn't disappoint.
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