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Whispers Underground (2000)

Whispers Underground (2000)

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For PC Peter Grant's third outing, he goes underground - the sewers and Tube of London. These are great engineering masterpieces of the Victorian era, and it's no surprise to find that the fae and the 'other' have made them their own.We've got a nasty murder on our hands, and an FBI agent to cope with too. She's no archetype, and that opens up new challenges for PC Grant.It's a very satisfying story, with Lesley joining the team at the Folly and providing a good distraction and foil for our protagonist. It's also nice to see a protagonist properly tortured and put in peril. Enjoyed this one rather more than Moon over Soho, in spite of a general feeling that the series is getting into its stride and therefore developing a bit of a formula and not taking quite as much care over stuff like proofreading! But then, I'm generally in favour of all things Tube related, so it would have had to try quite hard for me not to enjoy it. What is most impressive about this series really is how well paced and plotted the overarching narrative is from book to book. The various strands following the incidental and not-so-incidental characters are firing on all cylinders here, all of which adds to the sense of a wider world in which the series takes place.That said, I do wish the books would stop re-explaining things which have been introduced previously; surely by now we can assume that most readers will be on board with what "vestigia" are?

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Another cracking supernatural police procedural with a leavening of comedy and tragedy.

Awesome.Well paced, amusing and thoroughly enjoyable.

See mulle kohe meeldis. Rohkem kui eelmine.


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