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White Glove War (2012)

White Glove War (2012)

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031618750X (ISBN13: 9780316187503)

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Bravo I say ! This is better than the first book. When I read the first one I thought I will never ever, ever read the next book however when I started reading the first page I was supprised at howwell well plotted it is. It isn't as carefree or has teenager nonsense in it like the first one. When I read it, I could feel Alex's fear. It was better than the last one at least it had more suspense! "The hoodoo is more hairier and it has darker magic in it."Love it! I hope that the next book is as good as this. This book was pretty good. I liked that we could see things from different perspectives. I read really fast so this book only took me about 4 hours to read, but I wish it didn't end so quickly. The issue I have with this book is that there is no hint that there will be another book. I know that there will be one, but in the actual book itself there is no hint that there will be a third book. Also, I really like Madison's character and felt that she came alive in this book instead of being the dumb best friend that I thought she was.

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I'm sure there will be another one and I will be anticipating its release date. Loved it?

This book was much better than the last. Still not great, but better.


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