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Why Men Want Sex & Women Need Love (2000)

Why Men Want Sex & Women Need Love (2000)

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About book Why Men Want Sex & Women Need Love (2000)

A handful of sections are rambling and disjointed, and sometimes I feel like the ends of some of the chapters are a nonsensical thought dump. Minor quibbles aside though, this book does a wonderful job of breaking down the differences between men and women when it comes to sex. There's no sugar coating here, and both parties are held equally responsible for their evolutionary upbringing. All is not lost though, and maybe with the power of this knowledge and the handy human attribute of free will, we can build better relationships. I am a Big fan to all Allan and Barbra Pease books but this one is so far my favorite and here is why:This book is not a dating book so ladies do not expects strategies about how to get a Diamond ring or to find Mr Right also men wont find advices about how to get laid!!This book is more like Mars and Venus series part for men and part for women so it is not a girly book at all.Nowadays a woman can be a lawyer,engineer and even a president and a Defense Minster,so you can study like a man,eat like a man even work as a man but the question that the book is trying to answer can women love and have sex like a man???First the book is based in biological aspects,historical and recent studies so the writers are not just bla bla bla.The book include the answer for a lot of questions like:1-why most of Danielle Steele and Nora Roberts readers are mostly women.2-why women want commitment,marriage and kids even if they are successful career women who can support themselves?3-why women prefer tall,muscular men?4-why sex can be just sex for men and has nothing to do with love(physical activity)?5-Is there love from first sight?6-Why men or woman cheat?7-How to find the right (wo)man that is really right for you and not what media is telling you how (s)he should be?BUT my favorite part was how men's brain rate attractiveness in woman?how women's brain rate attractiveness in men?how your brain reacts when he or she get dumped or separated or divorced?what turns men off women?what turns women off men?what frighten men when it comes to relationships?and finally how to get women's attention and love!!A nice lovely book full of a lot of advises and facts and definitely a manual to understand the opposite sex and what to expect when you are in a relationship.

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Solid and interesting book, but not as interesting as the last two books by Allan Pease I read.

well,from this poin i got so many things i learned abot a boy. hha

researches & reviews are dominated by "western" perspective

Fun to read and so true

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