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Why Your World Is About To Get A Whole Lot Smaller: Oil And The End Of Globalization (2009)

Why Your World Is About to Get a Whole Lot Smaller: Oil and the End of Globalization (2009)

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1400068509 (ISBN13: 9781400068500)
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About book Why Your World Is About To Get A Whole Lot Smaller: Oil And The End Of Globalization (2009)

I'd rather give this a, wow, I'm scared to death of the world my child is going to inherit from the past few generations of me-me's who have systemically raped and pillaged this planet for a quick buck star rating. Come on people, this is ridiculous, we've globalized ourselves to death. While this is a great read, it is also depressing. I can see why so many people stick their heads in the sand, enable corporations and elect governments that make it easy for them to take trips, drive here, there and everywhere every two seconds, fill up their lives with stuff, have iPhones, tablets, huge houses, mocha lattes frappawhatevers; ignoring that corporations and governments are destroying our planet for fast, cool billions. Cheap oil seduced billions into believing just because you could that you should. Think about it, they can ship anything anywhere, go to the stars, extract whatever from the earth, connect billions of people in an instant, but they can't cure cancer? They can't fuel cars and homes with green fuel? We can't elect a government that doesn't lie, steal and cheat? Really? Of course we can, but all these things keep the pockets of corporations full and the masses distracted. Wake up. Local real food, local manufacturing, green technology, cures for illnesses, proper governments, etc., despite the lies you've been fed, it's all possible. Pull your head out of your, er, sand and quit saying you love your children and prove it. I've been interested by the concept of peak oil for a while now. I had heard of this book before n I found this by luck in the University Library.This book was a very thought-provoking book. The author shows us how the current world came to all because of cheap oil, from the place which was designed when prices of oil were around 25cents to the suburban sprawls which were all possible because it was cheaper to live outside n commute daily. It talked about how and where the world will change when the era of cheap oil is over and the triple digit oil is common place.This book wasn’t as depressing as another one I read in 2009 and or the documentaries I’ve watched regarding peak oil, the triple digit oil price and its aftermath for all of us.Even if we rid ourselves of the “addiction to Oil” the author was correct in saying that we need a solution which will be as efficient and as powerful as the current fossil fuels we consume. Our relationship with black oil is a very old one and we should start thinking of alternatives for the time when oil becomes a luxury. I would suggest this book to residents of the OPEC region. The world will be a very different place when the current energy center moves to some other place.

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It was an interesting read. Buying power is especially reduced right now.

Really good book for understanding the role of oil in the global economy.

Interesting book that will make you want to go out and buy a Prius.

This book really makes you hate going to the gas station.

great book, very objective analysis of peak oil

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