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Wicked Fate (2000)

Wicked Fate (2000)

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Mage Mcpherson feels she's different from everyone else, and why not when she's capable of moving things with just her thoughts, and her only friends are ghosts that haunt her grandparents' historical home in Summerville? On her sixteenth birthday, Mage finds out she has inherited "witchy" powers so she sets out to find her mom who has been kept away from her in a mental institution somewhere in New Jersey. Mage is astounded to learn that she is an offspring of two magics- the good and the bad- which makes her a rare Doyen, a witch that can do almost all magical abilitiies including healing, effecting the weather, and even shapeshifting. The most shocking truth however is that Mage's mother was decieved so she can be conceived, made and born so her powers could be harvested by a bad magic wielder named Craven whose son is Mage's unknown father. Now Mage has to muster all she's capable of to battle for her life and the one boy she loves against her own flesh and blood.Though parts of the story are not something new to me anymore, it still has enough small surprises and revelations to keep my interest. There are good scenes that display impressive magical acts. The characters seem to have well-motivated angst, and I think they are likable because I didn't feel any annoyance in their respective psyches. The story closes with a pregnant ending that makes me curious as to how Mage will get her love interest Adam back. Over all, I'm happy I did not skip this one. Review 6******Firstly I would like to say I loved the cover! Secondly, I loved this YA paranormal story from the first page!Mage McPherson is a wonderful character. She is a loving person, but she has been made a social pariah at school. She has these special abilities that she fears will hurt someone, so she pushes people away. This makes her very lonely. That is, until Adam, her secret crush, starts to take notice.Adam Westcott is a wonderful character. He is everything Mage wishes she could be, friendly and outgoing. He is also a huge romantic! I love his way of showing his feelings for Mage. It made me smile.This book took me on an emotional rollercoaster! This book had me in tears in places, and laughing in others! There is a lot going on, and it is hard to do a review without spoilers! Needless to say, this is a fantastic YA paranormal romance novel that held me captive. I struggled to put it down! I loved the interaction Mage has with her grandparents and Thaddeus, not to mention her growth as a witch. The ending is bittersweet, and left me wanting to read the next book as soon as possible.To say this is Tabatha Vargo's debut novel, I think that this author will go far. Her style of writing is extremely fast paced, but fluid. I loved how it flowed from chapter to chapter, with emotion seemingly imbued in the pages. I highly recommend this book if you love Young Adult Paranormal Romance, or stories about witches. - Lynn Worton

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Wow really interesting book throughout the entire thing. Look forward for the second book.

I really liked it! And I need the next book now!!!!!!!

Loved it

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