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Wicked Werewolf Passion (2012)

Wicked Werewolf Passion (2012)

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Lisa Renee Jones

About book Wicked Werewolf Passion (2012)

Where as book #1 & #2 of the series seemed rushed, book #3 seems back on track. No odd twists that seem…fake/odd to me. Shi was once part of the Royal Guard until his potential mate’s crazy father had him on the run. The question that has always bothered him is… was Carmen a part of her father plot to get him away from her? Now 6 yrs later and living as a mercenary, Shi has been hired to kidnap her to try to bring her father’s shady behavior out in the open. Is he now aiding the rebellion? Does Carmen know? Had Shi stayed, were they right, is Carmen his mate? And if she is, how will she feel if he has to kill her traitor father? I love Lisa’s werewolf world. Its very realistic. I love how she doesn’t forget the important details even in a novella. I thought the idea of woman werewolves aging stopping after reaching 23 for 50 years was so cool. This novella brings us into more of the werewolf, witch and vampire world Lisa created. It pulls you in, making you not want to leave this magical world. This novella is short but it doesn’t lack at all. This book was filled with surprises and the ending was oh so awesome.Did I love the main characters? Yes! Shi is a yummy alpha wolf and he meets his match in the beautiful werewolf Carmen.Will I read another of this authors books? Yes of course. She has continued to awe me. Sexual heat rating: Smoking HOT!

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This is my favorite out of this series. There is something about Shi. ;)

Far too short. But a good read.

3.5 stars

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