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Widow’s Web (2012)

Widow’s Web (2012)

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About book Widow’s Web (2012)

This book is one of the books that I really chose to read because I read the summary. And I only got this as a free eBook and I didn't even expect for it to be part of a series. So, well, let's just say that I started reading The Elemental Assassin Series with the seventh book. I mean, assassin. That's the key word to get my attention, dear. Assassin. Which meant killing. Which meant blood. Which meant action. Which meant fun. The novel was pretty much visual but I should say, the first chapter got me. Like totally did. Good job, Jennifer! (Again, you might get the wrong idea but well, READ THE BOOK.)I really like the characters and even though having elemental powers is not exactly original, this is a real something. Like, bigger than a something! I mean, I am not really into urban fantasy but man, this got me. Got me like, I WANT TO BE A PROFESSIONAL ASSASSIN WHO HAS A RESTAURANT MANAGER/OWNER FOR A DAY JOB.Darling, I am telling you, if you haven't read this, READ IT NOW. Elemental powers, assassinations, blood, action, love affairs, best friends, revenge, and the antagonist! Read read read read this now. xx A little bit more about Owen's past is brought to life...okay, a lot more. You learn more about him, Eva and Philip Kincaid, which brings another friend into her life...which is good, because you need lots of friends if you kill people. This time though, the bad guy ends up being a psychotic bitch who, when killed, breaks up Owen and Gin. Yeah, maybe Owen just did a Donovan Caine act but hey, this author does like her repetition. A lot! Still, very interesting plot, good back story for the other characters, and a good showdown. Gotta love those.

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Simply awesome...Had so much fun reading it and learning more about some of the key characters...

It's a water elemental & it's messing with her man- so I think I'll finish it another time.

I'm so disappointed in Owen that I stopped reading and can't go back!

Just as good as her other ones, always fast paced and full of action!

One of the best in the series....hurry the next one....

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