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Wie Es Dem Glück Beliebt (2008)

Wie es dem Glück beliebt (2008)

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About book Wie Es Dem Glück Beliebt (2008)

I like how the story line started out with a promise and Leaves one wondering what the Duke of Rockeforte had planned for his "children". I found the charters refreshing and on the modern side of the 1800's time period. I. Loved the tiny details about each charter in the book that made me wonder about each of Sofie and Alex's friends.Over all this book had intrigue, mystery, and romance and has me excited to read the sequel books that follow. Starts off really entertaining. You start to realize that this author likes to concentrate on the "chase" between the h/h. It will start to get frustrating....and then finally they at least go past 1st base about 20 pages from the end of the book. Pretty tame. Then the climax of the plot (spying) is totally thrown out the window and makes the reader feel stupid for even being caught up. This book was okay. Not anything memorable. Recommended read if you have absolutely nothing else within reach.

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3.5 stars....quite enjoyable...really liked the leads in this story...

4.00 Stars - Historical Romance!

3.5 stars

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