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Wie Man Herzen Bricht (2013)

Wie man Herzen bricht (2013)

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About book Wie Man Herzen Bricht (2013)

It's nice to take a break from all the fantasy novels to read a good piece of realistic fiction, and it's even better when that realistic fiction surpasses your expectations. Really, I wasn't sure what this book was about when I found it on my cousin's bookshelf, but I borrowed it anyway. Somehow, while I was reading this book, time just seemed to slip away and I found myself wondering where it went. I think that Ted Michael used a unique writing style that really kept me on my toes. This book was really about self-discovery and truth, which is better than being about just crazy high-schoolers falling in love and losing all sense. Both Garret and Henry are smart characters with issues and they both just meshed well together. The ending did leave me a little disappointed, but wanting more... This is very typical book for me. You might find this book similar to teen movies almost having the same exact plot and scenario. I already know what to expect and i was just waiting for it to happen as i read along ( which lost's the element of surprise). But more than that, i like that Ted Michael is able to inject some wonderful insights about relationships. If it goes wrong or shaky, if a heartbreaks happens, lost trust, etc. etc... what usually happens during and after. I like the fact that it not only intended for young adults but for everyone. It can also ask you the same thing when you put yourself in place of the characters. I could just wish for a better ending though, as it has left me feeling like having a cold coffee in a very cold weather.

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