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Wilczy Pakt (2013)

Wilczy Pakt (2013)

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Did the Blue Bloods series need a shot in the arm? Yes, it did. Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy the series. There was a lot of information in these books that we’ve been waiting on to make the world that Melissa De La Cruz created more complete. The world of the wolves, those who have not been turned into hell hounds and those who have, is explored in great detail. I’ve always liked the character of Bliss, and felt a bit sad for her because of her many challenges. I’m glad to see that she got a bigger piece of the story, even if she did have plenty to learn and do. I also started to like Allegra Van Allen a tad bit more. There was a time when I was seriously questioning what she was thinking.Wolf Pact The Complete Saga is definitely worth the read and was an excellent lead in to Gates of Paradise. In one of the blue blood books, way before Wolf Pact was released, we were given a sneak peak of the first chapter of this book. I have to say, I absolutely loved it. Much to my dismay but not so much a surprise, I find a year or two later that that it is an entirely different book and I must say, I was let down. Still an amazing read and a better insight into the inner workings of Bliss Llewelyn and her true heritage.

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Fast read, left me wanting more

I don't like Bliss, I'm sorry.

A little confusing at first.

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