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William's House (2011)

William's House (2011)

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1920484957 (ISBN13: 9781920484958)
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About book William's House (2011)

Great book. I'm hoping this become a series and Will's brothers and maybe even his father end up getting mated! It was one of those cute books that's an easy quick read but still enjoyable. Will and Cash were good together but I wish their relationship had a little more conflict. Perhaps something to do with the fact that Cash had never been with or even thought of another man sexually. But still a very cute story. In this entertaining romp, William Stamson, an unashamedly spoilt and very rich twenty-five year old, buys a rundown mansion in a small town outside Seattle to escape from his family. But this is no ordinary house. It is full of magical energy and purchasing it brings William into contact with Cassius "Cash" Grant, who he hires as a handyman. Cash works for the Magical Council of Wizards and his task is to get William out of the house, but nothing goes to plan. William and Cash are very engaging characters and the plot has some novel twists, so I hope there will be a Hidden Magic 2 very soon.

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too many gaps between plots made my head wondering if this story was finish in a rushing manner.

I think this is a wonderful start to a new series for Amber. I look forward to book number two.



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