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Wings Of Arian (2012)

Wings of Arian (2012)
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Wings Of Arian (2012)
Wings Of Arian (2012)

About book: Oh my goodness I loved this book soo much! So different from anything I've read! Dragons, shifters, and Pegasuses oh my! I loved each character. Kiora is an extraordinary girl and I admire her so much. She is so strong and so kind and powerful in ways she doesn't know. Emane, oh my goodness, I loved him from the start! Handsome, cocky, and gorgeous! He is so protective of Kiora and I find it really sweet hoe much he adores her! I loved Drustan, he is so funny and magical. I loved how he tried to mess with Emane 's head with the pink fluffy thing! I laughed so hard! Then there's Alturo, he to is so magical and he is wise. Eleana so elegant and yet she is constantly struggling with past mistakes. Drustan is so manipulative and powerful and smart totally the perfect bad guy! And then there is Morcant the dragon, I loved him so much he was so wise and so loyal and brave and a true loyal friend to Kiora! I was so sad at the end when he died he will be forever missed! Oh my goodness I need the next book this was so good I'm craving for more and I I've heard that on gonna be torn on the love triangle that I'm yet to bear! Thank you so much Devri Walls for the start of this awesome journey of the Solus! And it is so cool that an author like you lives in my home state, I'm fact just a few miles away! Idaho!Anyways I can't wait til I read the Wings of Tavea! I'll be waiting to see what happens with Emane, Kiora, and Alcander! RIP Morcant! Fantasy is always such a tricky genre as there are so many elements needed to make it work. Good world building, strong characterization and development, as well as an engaging storyline are what make a good fantasy in my opinion. I felt Wings of Arian did a commendable job at striving to integrate the above elements in the novel. I did feel it was a bit on the longer side and I found myself distracted at times, as I was ready for the plot to move forward a bit faster than it did.I like Kiora's character for the most part. She is sweet and good and has the fate of the world on her shoulders. She is the Solus, the one who can defeat the power-hungry Dralazar. However, she will not be able to do it on her own. She will need the strength of a Protector to assist her and balance her weaknesses. Kiora's Protector comes in the form of Prince Emane, who is quite stubborn. The two do not get along in the beginning, but once they realize the dire nature of their situation they must put their own issues aside and work together. I do appreciate that Walls did not give us a situation of insta-love with these two. Instead, Emane and Kiora must learn to tolerate one another first, and then we see them develop a friendship and respect for each other, and eventually a romance. I liked Kiora's empathy, but I felt it could be a hindrance to her task at hand. She is fighting a war whether she likes it or not and unfortunately war means casualties. As our heroine, I did feel she was a bit excessive in her crying though. I am glad we got to see her toughen up as the book grew on, and I think she is finally starting to realize what all is at stake and what needs to happen to persevere.I felt a bit overwhelmed reading this one as there is so much to learn. I didn't feel like it was info-dumping, however. Kiora and Emane both have a lot to learn about their new roles, as well as the history of Dralazar and I felt like I was right there alongside them processing this information.We have some great side characters in this novel. Arturo and Morcant were by far my favorites and we even have some twists and turns concerning other characters I did not see coming! I like that Kiora had so many allies that were willing to train her and aide her in the battle for good versus evil. For so long she has felt alone and alienated because of her gift of vision and my heart really ached for her at how her own flesh and blood treated her. Of all the people that end up supporting her, I think she was most surprised by Emane and how he really stepped into his role of Protector. He's actually a good guy, but being heir to the throne he has so many responsibilities that his life does not feel as his own. He is shocked when Kiora asks him what he wants as he's never been asked that before.I am curious as to what will happen next for Emane, Kiora, and crew, especially after new revelations have been brought to light. *Received a copy of this book for the blog tour in exchange for a fair and honest review.*
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Loved this book, it was absolutely amazing.
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Rated: 4.5 Stars
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