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Wings Of The Wicked (2012)

Wings of the Wicked (2012)

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0062002368 (ISBN13: 9780062002365)
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the first one was reasonably promising, in that it held the promise of the protagonist coming into her own. This includes not having her swords knocked out of her hands on a regular basis. The only reason the monsters she's fighting don't kill her is because they end up talking bad dialogue (bored by her incompetence) or turning to her Guardian. But the second book is bad - she regresses, personality-wise and is petulant and jealous. How can she be more concerned about who Will is seeing rather than the fact that she isn't a very good fighter? Too pedestrian and juvenile. Couldn't get past 100 pages before getting unutterably bored with her. Really liked this series. The pace is amazing don't let u get bore and things are happening precisely at right time. The emotions and trauma are well depicted.Ellie suffering so much loss, she is scared yet determined to fight and win the war.Will is again a "prince charming" "Knight in shining Armour". This books shows us the loss of ellie and will, Strength of their bond.Ellie finding new frnds and she also growing up in accepting things. Nana was a surprise though.

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