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Winning Appeal (2014)

Winning Appeal (2014)

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About book Winning Appeal (2014)

In Winning Appeal we get to see Beth and Mark finally admit their feelings for one and other. Beth, Braden’s younger sister, has been secretly obsessed about Mark, one of her brother’s best friends for years. Having spent time around him at her parent’s house, she’s fully aware of his playboy reputation. Whenever he’s around, her usual smart, strong and confident self turns into a giddy, clutzy girl. Almost to the point of injury to poor Mark.Mark has always been into one night hook-ups with no strings attached. When he finally decides he’s had enough and is ready to settle down, the one girl has always captivated him is his very protective best friend’s little sister, Beth. Awkward to say the least. But how can he convince Braden his intentions are good, when he’s always been the player? “I’m running out of office furniture to fantasize about banging you on, and I’m Googling ‘injury’ and ‘excessive masturbation’.” ~MarkThis romantic comedy is typical N.M. Silber writing. There is a strong attraction. There is a mystery. There are crazy awkward moments where the spark between them simple takes over. There is hot sex scenes. It’s a little short then I would have liked but sucks you in from the beginning to end. Some novellas leave you feeling slightly empty, not this one, it is as detailed as a full novel with all the elements you expect from this series, and if you haven't yet started The Lawyers In Love series....why not? I can't recommend this series enough and this book had me belly laughing from page one. If I'm ever on a downer this is the series I turn to because I know it is hysterically funny, sharp and witty, sexy, dynamic and clever with characters that you love from the get go. I love that the female and male characters have as much fun in bed as well as out of it and that it's mutual, with respect, love and passion from both sides equally. GET THIS SERIES, it's hot, sexy and funny as hell!

Do You like book Winning Appeal (2014)?

Full of the humor you expect, just shorter than normal. I still loved Mark and Beth's story.

Loved it, as per her usual stories. Only problem was it was over too fast!!

Sweet read to pass the time and relieve stress.

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