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Winter Soldier, Vol. 2: Broken Arrow (2012)

Winter Soldier, Vol. 2: Broken Arrow (2012)

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0785144056 (ISBN13: 9780785144052)

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Oh god. If I have the money I'm going to order the next Winter Soldier TPB as soon as I get off this damn train. This one's more emotional all the way through than the first one: that was set-up, this is the show. It's a heck of a ride, with Tasha compromised and Bucky willing to do literally anything for her sake, to save her, and to keep her from doing anything she'll regret. To me, that's more involving than the risk of death: Bucky himself shows that death isn't permanent for Marvel heroes, but guilt is. Well, that was quick.Ed Brubaker is a fantastic writer of spy/super agent comicbooks. I loved his work on Captain America and this is just as good. Great ideas, plenty of action, wonderful character work. Michael Lark's art fits the book too. It's dark and moody and he deals with the action scenes admirably. I really can't fault it.It's just a pity that this thin book is so short; it's only 4 issues long! And it ends on something of a cliffhanger, so it doesn't contain a whole story. Hence, the loss of a star (and a half, if I could). Pity.

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It was great. It gives bucky an interesting villian to face

okay, this volume was soooooooooo much better.

Espectacular este segundo arco argumental.

Ballerina Widow! Still, a low 4-star.

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