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Winterfluch (2009)

Winterfluch (2009)

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Egmont Lyx

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This was the first book I read where it was set in the Faerie world primarily. Usually we get glimpses of the Faerie world in other supernatural books and this was a change to finally find a book devoted to them,I was skeptical about reading this book since it was about Faeries but it was an interesting read as I got to see another side of the supernatural world.What I liked about the book is that they didn't make the heroine infallible. In fact, more off than not she was getting beaten up or was "reacting" to situations. But it made sense, because here is a PI who had been out of business for 14 years so yes, she is rusty, she is finding it harder to assimilate into her old role, she is slower and it has consequences.We were introduced to a couple of love interests and a potential future love interest, which I feel might be a slow burn. I am a sucker for slow burns. All in all it was a good read if you want to venture into the Faerie world but my one concern is that Seanan McGuire has a habit of repeating certain "rules" about the Faerie world over and over again.. Maybe once or twice is enough Senan? To be honest I'm surprised I finished this one. It wasn't badly written, but I get frustrated with authors who believe they can substitute constant battles and fighting for plot. In this book the main character, Toby, would turn a corner and get attacked and almost beaten to death. Then upon awakening she'd be somewhat healed by friends, but two minutes later would be attacked again. When she wasn't being attacked, she was suffering from the effects of the "curse" that was placed upon her which (of course) would nearly kill her. I don't mind a bit of fighting but honestly by the time the fighting was done this book was over. And spending 14 years of her life transformed as a fish? Come on, where's her sense of humor? Won't be reading more of this series.

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This was a lot of fun. Great character set. Thanks for a great story!

Better than I expected. Love Tybalt. This series has potential.

looking forward to the others in the series

3.5 stars

3.5 stars

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