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Witch Doctor, Vol. 1: Under The Knife (2011)

Witch Doctor, Vol. 1: Under the Knife (2011)
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Witch Doctor, Vol. 1: Under The Knife...
Witch Doctor, Vol. 1: Under The Knife (2011)

About book: Once in a while I manage to find a graphic novel that really blows me out of the water and make me say "what the F#@$" several times. Now that's not essentially a bad thing but when I do say it, it means I am enjoying this graphic novel. Meet Vincent Morrow, now you have probably see couple reviews here in there saying this is House meets Fringe. Well I agree on the House part however I would say that Vincent is somewhat a combination of House and Stephen Strange, he is after all a witch doctor.Under the Knife opens with an exorcism scene, and as cliched as you might think that went, for me, it started off strong. We have three characters that were introduced to, Vincent Morrow, The Witch Doctor, Eric Gast a paramedic and Penny Dreadful which is someone who we don't know much off except the fact that she can kick ass. Straight from the bat you can sense the camaraderie between these three and that is enough to like all three characters. Each show a personality that is quite appealing to the reader. Now as much as our main guy Vincent looks sadistic on the cover, he is written in a very charming way and the dialogue complements him and the other two characters.The artwork here is exceptional, the monsters were creatively done, from demon babies, to demon fish man to all sorts of abominations. This world that this graphic novel creates is very much absorbing and without a doubt would leave you wanting for more. The only thing that's stopping me giving this a perfect 5 stars is the story. It's good but not great. That said, it is still a fun read and anyone who loves horror, gore and a bit of humor will surely enjoy Witch Doctor. Horror reconfigured as a medical matter, with Dr Vincent Morrow ("Why does everyone think I'm a mad scientist?") getting all John Snow on the forces of darkness. It's a smart idea, and one picks up a surprising amount along the way (I never knew the difference between parasites and parasitoids before), but the real charm is in the excuses for utterly terrible behaviour the stories present. "What do you do with any evil baby? You shake it! Shake it like a Polaroid picture! Of an Etch-a-Sketch! And some maracas!"
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Clever, intriguing, and very well illustrated. I'm so excited that this book has started up again.
Yup. No surprises here. Liked Hellblazer? You should prolly check this one out, then.
Cool enjoyed immensely how medical dramas should be, cool stories and nice artwork!
Pal gasto, entretenido pero no vuelves a pensar en el después de haberlo leído.
Interesting story and fun illustrations.
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