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With Liberty And Justice For Some: How The Law Is Used To Destroy Equality And Protect The Powerful (2011)

With Liberty and Justice for Some: How the Law is Used to Destroy Equality and Protect the Powerful (2011)
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With Liberty And Justice For Some: Ho...
With Liberty And Justice For Some: How The Law Is Used To Destroy Equality And Protect The Powerful (2011)

About book: Glenn Greenwald is SO good at writing narrative nonfiction, like, wow. There are a lot of threads here and it's so impressive how well he's able to knit them together into a cohesive portrait of Why Shit In America is Fucked Up. A lot of the material in this book is about things I've already read about (some of it, at least, from shorter articles by Greenwald)--Watergate, Guantanamo, The New Jim Crow, etc--but seeing all those problems and more tied together cohesively is stunning and terrifying.Highly recommended. Law has never looked so unflattering. In what is an expose of the justice system, Glenn Greenwuld takes the law system to task for how progressively dysfunctional it has become. Starting with the Watergate scandal he shows delves into the two-tiered system of justice, that of the rich and powerful too important to face the music for their crimes and that for the rest of us. In a world already marred by inequality on every level, he illustrates that in the one arena where all men should be equal has been compromised beyond repair. From Regans Iran-Contra struggle to CEO's of big business the elite have become untouchable while the common man suffers extreme punishment.Basically courts are a joke and we've been lulled into thinking it's okay. Where there was once shame and remorse, the 1% has become brazen and unrepentant. Greenwulds voice is one we should all hear.
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The title really sums up the book. It is very well written, clear and compelling.
An in depth look at the 2 tiered judicial system since Wategate
Informative and eye-opening as it is disturbing.
Absolutely a must read.
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