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With Open Eyes (2012)

With Open Eyes (2012)

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1466820683 (ISBN13: 9781466820685)
St. Martin's Press

About book With Open Eyes (2012)

Excellent short story however, I was frustrated when it ended as I wanted it to continue. It was that good. My curiosity is now in overdrive !! Iris Johansen is a favorite of mine & this is the first time I've read a collaboration between her and Roy Johansen. I wasn't disappointed. The best part is finding out about a series by these two about the character Kendra Michaels from this short story. Kendra has amazing observation powers. I can't wait to see what she solves in a full novel. I've got the first book on my amazon wish list ;) (Close Your Eyes) I am not a short story fan, as I need more time to get to know and empathize with a character or characters. I liked the general feel of the characters in this story, and I love the Sherlock-style behavior of Kendra. It felt like I was watching a very short episode of the new show 'Elementary' which I really enjoy. Although, Kendra seems to have a more normal emotional response to people than Elementary's Sherlock does. I am looking forward to reading the novel that follows this short story & have high hopes for liking Kendra more when I read a full novel about her.

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Seemed like it was written by an amateur. Very surprised, was definitely expecting more

Loved the character in this book, but it moved a little slow in the beginning.

My copy was badly edited but the story was good....

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