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Within The Flames (2011)

Within the Flames (2011)

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About book Within The Flames (2011)

One of Dirk and Steele's Agency valued members is Eddie. He came to them a very young boy in dire straits. Eddie is a pyrokinetic and former car thief and will do most anything for the Agency. But he is having an awful day. He has just found out that the man who killed his sister has been let out of jail. And, he has lost control of his fire, flames erupted from him everywhere. His spine caught fire, and his is powerless. Helpless. They are waiting for him, he knows. He pretends not to feel the soaring waves of heat moving around him. But in the end, it is easier just to burn.When Eddie leaves the cage, Serena is waiting. They are waiting. They ask him to go to New York to rescue a girl who is hunted by a Cruor Venator. Which is another word for a Super witch. The worst kind. The kind that eats people, skins people, possesses people. This girl had run when she had watched her parents killed by this Cruor Venator and had been running ever since. Well, that is all it takes for Eddie to want to go for this girl and rescue her. But he doesn't trust the dragon Long Nu who knows so much about this girl. She is not telling something important. She admits to Eddie that the girl is a Shape-shifter a dragon. She gives him a burnt picture of Lyssa to reconize her.When Eddie first comes upon her she does not trust him, but she smells the fire in him. The second time she sees him she is in danger and he saves her, but she also tries to kill him. Eddie has to call in some help. When the help is someone she knows could be killed by the Cruor Venator, she panics. So she does have a heart and Eddie is falling for that heart. She realizes that the Cruor Venator is after the people she cares for. So the homeless people that she has been living with are the ones that are the ones that are targeted. This book is really good. Eddie finally gets his mate! And she is perfect for him. Interesting. So Eddie the pyro has dragon blood. Guess that explains a lot. So I try to think of issues with this one and... the closest to a complaint that I have is that the h's attempts to push the H away are sometimes off-putting. And... not really believable when one considers that she's a shifter and he's her mate. I mean; I get that she was afraid to let anyone close because they might get hurt but her fire wouldn't hurt him, and I doubt her inner dragon would let him just vanish, so what's the point. Also, the villainess is rather stupid. Does she seriously think she can take on a dragon? Her eventual demise was so anticlimactic and well, just about what should happen in such an uneven match. Chomp.

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Again, I read the last of a series... Someday, I must read this one in order :)

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Not my cup of tea but worth a try


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