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Women Of Character: Profiles Of 100 Prominent LDS Women (2000)

Women of Character: Profiles of 100 Prominent LDS Women (2000)
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Women Of Character: Profiles Of 100 P...
Women Of Character: Profiles Of 100 Prominent LDS Women (2000)

About book: I really enjoyed this book. The vignettes were very short and easy to read, making it a great book for taking with you when you may only have a few spare minutes to read. ( some if them were almost too short and left me wanting to know more about them) I was also impressed with the variety of women in the book. They really did come from many walks of life and time periods. They weren't all RS Presidents like I was kind of expecting. I would recommend it to other LDS women. This was really inspiring. Each of the women are unique and had their own interest or passion which they persued or continue to persue. It has been a positive encouragement to me that I can persue my own passions to increase my talents to share with others and to live according to the dictates of my heart. Each of us can be considered Women of Character if our individual story were to be told. Some woment I identified with more than others, but still I can appreciate the dedication of those women too. If you're looking for an uplifting read, this is easy to pick up.
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I loved this book. Totally gives you some insight into the lives of LDS women.
Loved this book! Short vignettes of 100 LDS women. Inspiring and motivating.
still reading it but i really like it, it is very inspiring!
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