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Wonder Of All Things (2014)

Wonder of All Things (2014)

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1322022763 (ISBN13: 9781322022765)
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This is a wonderful story of a small backwoods town that harbors a miracle. This miracle is Ava, a 13 year old that can heal people with the touch of her hands. Her secret is revealed when she heals her best friend, Wash, and their town is over run by people who want to exploit her talent. The problem for Ava is every time she heals someone, she gets a little weaker and sicker. A fantastic story of love and family. What an impossible situation Ava and her family find themselves in after she heals her lifelong childhood friend! In spite of this healing taking a toll of her health, she is pressured to "do her duty", to share her gift etc etc; these demands take no account of the fact that she is her own individual. It's an interesting moral position which the writer solves very well in the end, although with its own sadness and no doubt guilt felt by many.

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I really felt as though Ava's father let her down ... that he could have done more to protect her.

Cindy's PickCall #: MOTT Jason

Incredible! A poetic read.

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