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Wonder Woman, Bd. 2: Familie (2013)

Wonder Woman, Bd. 2: Familie (2013)

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About book Wonder Woman, Bd. 2: Familie (2013)

I love me some mythology!I really enjoyed the first arc of the new Wonder Woman, it was much more focused on the mythology and the art and the story telling refreshed a stagnant series, I'm happy to say that Volume 2 is more of the same good stuff, but with some glaring annoyances that I'm starting to see plaguing the rest of the Azzarello/Chiang run:World: The world is awesome, the play on classic Greek mythology and their characters are wonderful. The art of Chiang/Atkins is great and the fresh takes of locals such as Hell and Olympus are very enjoyable. The art of Chiang is awesome and if I'm being honest Atkins' art is also growing on me, what I do not like it that it appears that Chiang is unable to draw more than 2 issues at a time, the constant artist change is just jarring. As I said, I am starting to enjoy Atkins' art but I would have wanted more Chiang, I don't understand how some artists like Greg Capullo who si doing Batman can keep up the pace while Chiang can't, it's an annoyance.Story: The story is a continuation of what happened in Volume 1 with Zeus missing and Hades and Poseidon fighting over the throne. Hades has captured Zola due to a perceived slight by Diana and thus the story unfolds. What happens in these six issues is wonderfully pace, full of new locals, new characters and consequences. Though the main reason for the arc is only finally seen in the last couple of pages in the last issue, the larger picture is finally shown and I am very excited with where this tale is headed.Characters: The art is wonderful, even when Atkins is drawing it, it is mainly due to the character design which is top notch. The new characters that we see visually this issue are stunning and evocative I continue to enjoy what Azzarello and Chiang/Atkins are doing to these mythological figures. Characterization wise, Diana is at this moment kinda thin, just a warrior running around fighting for a cause that she believes in, thought final reveal of when the gauntlets come off was interesting and I hope more of it will be revealed in further issues. The other characters such as Hermes, Zola, Lennox, Eros and even Hera have also been enjoyable and with the things that happen at the end of this arc I see a lot more happening to these characters. Good stuff!Highly enjoyable, a wonderful new take on classic Greek mythology, good pacing, consequence, an amazing artist (when he actually draws on time) and a wonderful artist when it's his time.Onward to the next book! This is kind of hard for me to rate because I think some of the storytelling choices (re: Diana's origin story & the status of the Amazons) is HIGHLY questionable. Still, I was definitely really interested in what was happening and parts of it are extremely well crafted (mostly the Cliff Chiang-drawn parts, though I thought the Tony Akins chapters were a big improvement on the ones in the previous volume, so maybe he was really rushed on the first few issues?) I want to read the next volume, anyway.(Side note but another weird thing is that some of the dialogue is just really weird & doesn't seem to fit -- like a character will say something and another character replies in a way that makes no sense -- and I'm not sure if this is an editorial issue or if it's just the way Azzarrelo writes his scripts --)

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I loved the artwork in the wedding scenes. I will pick up the next volume in the library.

Again, I only read it to keep up with the Justice League story...

The history of the Amazons is well written here.

This modern mythology keeps getting better!

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