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Wonder Woman, Vol. 1: Blood (2012)

Wonder Woman, Vol. 1: Blood (2012)

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1401235638 (ISBN13: 9781401235635)
DC Comics

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Gorgeous, gorgeous art by Chiang. Just for that it's worth reading (more like seeing).But yeah, this volume is cool. The whole shenanigans with the Gods feel like a soap-opera but in a good way. There's a lot of things happening here, at first I didn't know who some of the characters were but I really liked bad ass Wonder Woman. The story wasn't what I expected because I really don't know much about Wonder Woman and I didn't know Gods were so involved in her life. Anyway, this is a really enjoyable comic that doesn't leave time for you to get bored. Give it a try. A very solid 3 stars.I liked it, it don't think there's that much else to say in that regard. It's easy to pick up for a new reader (like me) as this is the beginning of DC's new 52 (their "reboot" so to say of the major comic lines(?)), and if you know you Greek mythology it's - I might be tempted to say - nearly too easy. The plot is standard, and I actually like how much it echoes the personalities and strifes (no pun intended) of the Greek gods (minus two of them, but disregard that). I'm really ambivalent on the art; I have gone from being meh to totally loving it - some of the pages are simply gorgeous (I also really do love how the eyes are drawn), while others are really not engaging for the eye.So, yeah, I like; wasn't blown away, but interested enough to continue.

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An excellent new beginning to a classic character

Not bad. Worth seeing where it's headed.

I can't wait for more

4.5 stars

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