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Wool Omnibus (2012)

Wool Omnibus (2012)
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Broad Reach Publishing
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Wool Omnibus (2012)
Wool Omnibus (2012)

About book: Hesitated between 4 and 3, ended up with 4 mostly because I believe that the new author with obvious talent needs to be encouraged. Negatives first: the most stupidest name ever, flood of unnecessary details, some dragged out sequences, why no elevators?, some events entirely predictable. Positives: powerful writing, evocative and emotional without turing into melodramatic, some very strong plot points and vivid imagery. Will read more in hopes that Mr. Howey will get only better. Rick Riordian said, "The characters are well-drawn, and even the villains have a sympathetic side. Secrets unfold with just the right pacing, and I had to set my e-reader down several times and say, "Wow," when a major twist was revealed. The structure of the story, told in five interconnected parts, makes WOOL unlike a conventional novel, and gives it extra depth, much like the layers of the silo itself. I loved the feisty heroine Juliette especially, who endures so much tragedy and shows so much courage. And who can't relate to the notion of an IT department being run by nefarious villains who deliberately sabotage the exchange of information? If you're looking for a good post-apocalyptic read, you can't do much better than WOOL. It's targeted at adults, but is completely appropriate for YA readers as well," and he is correct. This is a great read, and I think high school students who are into cars, robotics, building, or engineering would love this book. It is going in my book talks.
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Great book. Very well done. I couldn't put it down and hope there are many more to come.
Very enjoyable distopian novel. Fleshed out and believable world.
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