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Workin' It! Rupaul's Guide To Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Style (2000)

Workin' It! Rupaul's Guide to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Style (2000)

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About book Workin' It! Rupaul's Guide To Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Style (2000)

This is RuPaul's guide to life, fame and fashion. It takes a lot of work to look this good in drag and she does look beautiful in the many photos of her in the book. Apparently those wigs weigh a ton! The beautification process is particularly enlightening - all the steps she has to go through. RuPaul also makes the point that the drag is a character, and he spends a lot of time out of drag as well. The book is enlightening to a certain extent about RuPaul's life and career, but because it is a style guide it is also quite lightweight, with not a lot of depth. Still, it's a good intro to RuPaul. I really wish I could watch RuPaul's Drag Race! I used to flip through this at my friend Stacey's apartment and I finally sat down and read it all the way through. Like... obviously I love RuPaul. Obviously. I love his positive attitude and ~realness~ in and out of drag, and my favorite parts of this book revolved around that. (Sometimes it gets borderline The Secret-esque, which I hate, but... whatever.) There were also a ton of gorgeous photos of Ru in drag. I also enjoyed reading, in DETAIL, about all the work Ru puts into her drag. For someone who wanted to start doing drag, this might be a good how-to manual. For a fan, it's a cool behind the scenes look.Also there is a lot of advice in here that I read and was immediately like, "I am NOT doing that." Get up at 4:30am to work out? I am NOT doing that. Invest in cashmere sweaters as part of your basic travel wardrobe? I am NOT doing that. Never eat in public? Never eat after the sun goes down? I am NOT doing that. And that's why RuPaul is RuPaul and I am me.~You're born naked and the rest is drag~

Do You like book Workin' It! Rupaul's Guide To Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Style (2000)?

Easily the best motivational/wig advice book I've ever read.

Rupaul is my Higher Power.


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