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Worth Keeping (2013)

Worth Keeping (2013)

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1938876873 (ISBN13: 9781938876875)
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About book Worth Keeping (2013)

Well, this wasn't what I expected, and I mean that in a disappointing way.•Needs better editing.•The dialogue was stupid in parts. •The story dragged and just got boring in parts. •The main characters were annoying at times with the mood swings and back and forth.•The sex scenes were pretty meh, nothing special. •The depressing scenes didn't really move me as much as they should've...except for the scene when one of the main characters was found in the bathroom self-harming. •I like the fact that the author didn't have Nick attempt to bottom. That would've been cliché and completely ridiculous. •Brad's part in this didn't have the impact I think the author was going for, tbh. He was a stupid plot point. •Justin annoyed me very much with his ~psychological experiments~ but I would've liked him and Daniel to have their own book. •Don was the one amazing thing about this book. I loved him. ***Spoiler Alert!! *** ?? .....This story made my heart hurt, made me laugh, ripped my heart out of my chest, scared me and made me cringe reading things I was NOT comfortable with but was necessary in order to tell their story . Nick and Owen's journey from two strangers who were trying to "get away from the pain", in the only way they thought was possible, to two men who found who they needed, to make them whole again. Their relationship had very high highs, and very low lows. However I am so glad I made the journey with them and was tickled to meet Socks, the little rascal! I am hoping you will enjoy this as much as I did. Be prepared for an ending that was wonderful in every way. Some times you have to go outside the law to do what needs to be done to protect.

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Me habían recomendado a la autora, pero aunque la historia está bien, resulta un poco predecible.

Got 34% in and just wasn't interested. Maybe another time.

Nope. I don't have the time to indulge piss poor editing.

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3.5 stars

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