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Yanlış Yatak (2000)

Yanlış Yatak (2000)
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Yanlış Yatak (2000)
Yanlış Yatak (2000)

About book: Nice light read. I really liked Gabe but I'm not sure how I feel about Elle. She seemed a little to childish for a woman who has graduated college. It almost felt as though this story was taking place between two high schoolers.Liked it but didn't love it. Favorite quote: Elle: "I don't need you or my big brother to fight my battles for me. And I certainly don't need you to go around bashing in the heads of people who hurt me. It's barbaric."Gabe: " Maybe you need some barbarian in your life." I just got started on this book but the female lead, Elle, just rubbed me the wrong way. I tried. I swear to God I tried to keep reading, hoping that the female lead would get better. I still feel like whacking her over the head with a frying pan though. Despite reading a handful of positive reviews for this book, it just doesn't seem to do it for me. Gabe does it for me, he is the absolute dream bad boy with a sensitive side, who has had enough of one night stands and lonely nights. Elle though...she just came off as a prissy, higher-than-all, judgmental little miss. I read up to the part where Gabe took her to a rather rundown pub which served the best burgers ever. She got soooooooo judgmental and irritating that I just gave up on the book. Just no.
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This book was just okay. Nothing spectacular. But also not dreadful.
Meh. Lots of stuff and lurve happens in a short amount of time.
so so...the characters are weak with little chemistry...
Enjoyed reading this!
funny. sexy. fluff.
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