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Year Of The Chick (2000)

Year of the Chick (2000)

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For me this book was "Meh".Do you have that one friend, that overreacts to every little thing, that's so dramatic and spend hours dissecting tiny details, and can't pay attention to anything else except for themselves?I find those kinds of friends best in small doses. A whole book inside the mind of this person, just wasn't my setting of choice.Though I did enjoy that the setting explored the Indian culture, which definitely has it's own set of rules and traditions when it comes to love and dating. Get lost in this page turner debut by the next big thing, Romi Moondi as she takes you along the hilarious personal journey of Romi Narindra, a relatable girl who says the things we all think but never articulate. To avoid an arranged marriage by her conservative Indian parents, Romi is ready to go out on the town and really let her hair--and her guard--down. Toronto has never seemed so much fun as it does with our determined female protagonist who will stop at nothing to live the life she dreams. Obstacles, creepy guys and even humiliation do not stop her in her quest to find lasting love.Experience a quirky Indian family from the inside in Year of the Chick. See how Romi finds love in the unlikeliest places. Ultimately, it is the bond between Romi and her supportive girlfriends that leads to the character's transformation from an unsure awkward single girl to an elegant and confident citadine with more options than she knows what to do with.I am already halfway through book 2, Last Minute Love and can't wait to sink my teeth into book 3 of the trilogy, Never or Forever!

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Decent chic lit, but would be better if the final only-point-to-sell-sequel scene were removed.

This turned out to be a very fun book. It kind of reminded me of Bridget Jones Diary.

Disappointing, I'd hoped for more positivity, less whiny.

Lighthearted and hilarious. Loved the book.

entertaining little read.

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