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Yön Kirkas Tähti (2010)

Yön kirkas tähti (2010)
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Yön Kirkas Tähti (2010)
Yön Kirkas Tähti (2010)

About book: Divided into two diverse parts between the love letters and the poems, this is Keats in love and inspired. It is also more poignantly a vision of Keats slowly fading and with the final letters he disappears from the world.Out of this devotion comes a portrait of Fanny Brawne, whose presence, rather than ghostly and ethereal, stands instead of looming as a kind of grounded substance and whose, so grounded, being contrasts strangely and almost unromantically with the more lifted imagination of Keats.Of the poems, "Bright star, would I were steadfast as thou art" drew me in the most, but I have a bias. The book was published to coincide with the release of Jane Campion's biopic "Bright Star" and the film comes highly recommended from me. The Romantic Age is a self-reflecting, worship of life and youth; nature and peace. Overall, I criticize that it is sentimental, and that most of these works could qualify as journal entries (thoughts, feelings, impressions, etc). But I know these are the qualities that other people appreciate, and I only mean to offer my own opinion. It has its place. However, if I had to choose a favorite author, it would be Keats. Had he lived to strengthen his skill, he may have been the greatest poet of the Romantic period.
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ah, such romance. I saw this movie and had to read it for myself. How could I resist! Loved it.
I loved the letters more than the poetry.
Perfect for an autumnal day :)
Achingly beautiful...
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