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You Can Create An Exceptional Life (2011)

You Can Create An Exceptional Life (2011)

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1401935389 (ISBN13: 9781401935382)
Hay House

About book You Can Create An Exceptional Life (2011)

I love to read books that make me think deeply about how I live life. These books inspire me to reach better places, offer advice I often don't hear from anyone else, and help me deal with problems I may face and those of other people. I enjoy when the book features questions and reflection pieces, because I like to think and to explore my emotions and my thinking that way. The exercises also help me understand the people in my life, particularly those who prove difficult. I admire Louise Hay, and own a lot of her books. However, this book let me down. It seems like it never truly takes of. There are lots of moments of awesomeness within it, lots of clever quotes and inspirational nuggets, and plenty of advice on how to create a great life. However, the book concerns itself a little bit too much with the lives of the author. Is it a biography, an autobiography, a homage? What is it? Nothing wrong with any of those choices - it's just not what I expected when I bought this book. Therefore, it's taken me a while to finish it. I just don't seem to be getting as much out of it as I expected. Next time, I advice the author to either redefine the book she is writing, or to cut out the non-essential "set ups" she uses throughout the book and focus on the goal of the book: to help its reader create a better life. The thoughts are true -I say affirmations to myself all the time and feel better. Exercising and eating better always helps. I felt like I was being told obvious stuff that I already know. Can't believe someone made money off of writing a little book about the obvious. The book was a little hokie for me. Best for someone unfortunately who is suffering from a terminal illness or going through a loss and needs positive thoughts to heal. Just not my type of book but may be for someone else.

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Good suggestions of how you can change your day to day outlook

A nice easy read that makes you feel good:)

Very inspiring and easy to read. Love it.

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