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You Can See Me (2014)

You Can See Me (2014)
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1627620516 (ISBN13: 9781627620512)
Amira Press Publishing
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You Can See Me (2014)
You Can See Me (2014)

About book: Comprehensive and fun but there were some character traits that annoyed me like Hell too. I hated how Pres was so depressed at first barely able to care of himself, how Ric acted with him before their break up and also how Ric lusted after Blair at first glance. While there were some deep feelings in this story, there was also a lot of shallowness and childish behaviour. Not at all how I imagine three grown men to act towards each other no matter their sexual preferences. I simply cannot swallow past the yelling, the whimpering and the tears. These men cried a lot. It feels unnatural and, honestly, quite offensive too. I did like most of it though.Rating: 3.5 ★ I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Prescott, Pres, Vaughan was an up and coming chef at the height of his career. He’s on his way home from a competition when he’s involved in a horrific crash. He’s left blind and depressed. His family and fiancé are very supportive of his recovery. Just when his life is coming back together, his fiancé leaves him because she “didn’t sign up for this”. Pres is devastated. He moves on with his life. He’s lonely, he craves companionship. In comes Dr Rickson, Ric, Edwards. He’s a doctor that was blacklisted at his previous hospital because he came out. He feels an instant attraction to his neighbor, Pres. But Pres is in a relationship, he has a girlfriend. Can Ric get Pres to admit his true feelings? What will happen when Ric lets his past ruin his future? What happens when Pres turns to an escort, Blair, to fulfill his need for companionship?This is a wonderfully well-written book. I loved the relationships between all the characters. I couldn’t believe how awfully Pres was treated, first by his fiance then by his girlfriend. I just wanted to give him a big hug. I was very impressed by his open mind and willingness to accept love from anyone. I loved Ric and his wanting to take care of Pres, he was the perfect mate for Pres. Then we have Blair. Blair was hilarious. I loved that Blair was himself and never tried to act like anything but himself. Overall, I really liked this book. It’s a great love story. Just beware there is a lot of m/m action.4-Bombs--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Definitely an author that I will be buying all of her books.
Reads like a boring film script. Not my kind of book.
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