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You Had Me At Hello (2012)

You Had Me At Hello (2012)

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About book You Had Me At Hello (2012)

I'm going to push the boat out here with banners and fireworks because this book was beyond amazing. I didn't have much hope for the simple reason it states on the first page that this is Mhairi's first book. I should have had more faith in her. It is without fault. Not you're typical romcom plot either and I could relate so much to the story as the situation was 98% the replica of myself and my partners situation as of March this year. It's special to find something so relatable in a book. You know how some people fall in love like Ben - just one look and he knew, but oftentimes, most people fall in love Rachel style - slowly, then before you know it, you're 6 feet deep in your feelings. That was how I felt about "You Had Me At Hello." I started this book with apprehension, but the opening chapter was disarming. Then it sort of fell back into the usual formulaic complaining-to-friends chatter that seriously slowed down the pace of the book. At the start, I was still counting down the pages I had left, but before I knew it, I was zooming to the end with no thought whatsoever to page count. At the close of the Rachel and Ben story, I only felt immense satisfaction knowing that finally, they have come to the point where then timing was finally right and they have truly earned their happy ending. I wished we could have had an epilogue but that would have ruined the punchy ending. They were engaging, fun, and I could totally see why they were meant for each other. Sadly, Rachel's friends felt too much like filler and their stories were not engaging enough. At times, they bogged the book down and I was just waiting for the book to skip back to Rachel and Ben. Now that it's been a week since I finished this book, I look back at Rachel and Ben and just feel all warm and fuzzy, whereas Rachel's friends, Ben's friends and everything in between remain a fuzzy memory. Quibble aside, You Had Me at Hello had a strong main plot and I'd recommend it to anyone who loves to read about best friends finding each other.

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cute - right till the end i wish i had stopped reading before the last chapter.

I laughed, I cried - this was such a fun read!

Loved this book from cover to cover

Could not put if down.

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