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You Have To F**king Eat (2014)

You Have to F**king Eat (2014)
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You Have To F**king Eat (2014)
You Have To F**king Eat (2014)

About book: You Have To F**king Eat is a sequel to Go The F**k To Sleep by American author and parent, Adam Mansbach. This book is again set out in the style of a children’s picture book, with marvellous illustrations by Owen Brozman, and, once again, this is not a children’s book: profanities abound. But it will certainly appeal to most parents, whether or not their child consents to eat. Mansbach versifies a range of everyday eating situations where children remain stubbornly non-compliant in a manner that will have the reader laughing out loud. It will be interesting to see to what else Mansbach will turn his rhyming talents. Once again, very funny. Any person who has children will likely get a few laughs out of this book and share in the pain of the author who wrote it because they've quite probably experienced very similar thoughts and frustrations when it's time to eat or feed their children. Toddlers and kids can be absolutely impossible when it comes to eating. I really do wonder sometimes how they aren't starving with as often as they refuse to eat. This little picture book with its funny quirky rhymes captures a parent's dilemma perfectly.Good for a quick five minute laugh and probably best given as a gag gift to a parent not when their child is newborn but perhaps when they are about 2-4years old (maybe give it to them at the child's birthday party as a present to the parent. Lol. I know I definitely plan to.
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Just as funny as Go the Fuck to Sleep! Loved this one just as much as the first!!!
Stupid. The first one was cute because it was unique but cute only goes so far.
Bryan Cranston reads the audiobook. Hi-larious!
Too funny, and too true.
This was hilarious!!
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