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You Or Someone Like You (2009)

You or Someone Like You (2009)

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0061715654 (ISBN13: 9780061715655)

About book You Or Someone Like You (2009)

This novel is a vehicle for wonderful literary insights- a veritable treasure chest of quotes, authors and notable perceptions- but beyond those I felt empty and alone, with characters who left me totally without empathy, sometimes gagging (in a literary sense) at the self-congratulation portrayed by characters within a very particular set of people in a very particular bit of American wealthy culture.There is plenty of depth, talent and insight, but it left me quite cold. Finished this novel wondering what the point of it was. Essentially, Anne is a loner with a strong distaste for belonging to any group, including the one she creates. The book spirals down into a tedious, almost Ayn-Rand-like rant - but I suppose we're to cheer for our protagonist because she's good to her domestic workers. Too many minor characters (which assistant belongs to whom?) ultimately make this a forgettable blur.

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Hard work and more than a little bit pretentious but definitely unique, and worth sticking at it.

great book club book for discussion. Thought provoking.

I loved it.

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