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Young Samurai: The Ring Of Sky (2012)

Young Samurai: The Ring of Sky (2012)

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Jack is on the last leg of his journey, but once again he is all alone his friends all died on their boat. But never fear this is a book and books always that carry on straight from the last one in the series usually have tragedies at the beginning but lo and behold he finds an unlikely friend in a magician/criminal. But even worse Kazuki's back for revenge, one of Jack's old teachers cuts of his fingers and he is captured and is held prisoner for the shogun. So will this be the end of the series...... A good book carrying on from the last story makes this book sad, happy, sad and happy again. I recommend this book to anyone who has read all 7 other books. I will admit that this book is a little bit more exciteing than the rest. The end is good and predictiable. The dramatic twist doesn't happen really and Jack all of the sudden becomes the gifted Samurai you think he is but never shows it until now. Just lik is the rest of the books he makes a new friend, Is betrayed multiple times, and then almost dies like four times. Through out the book you are supposed to think that his friends are dead yet when you realize they are not you are nots surprised. The entire series the exact same thing happens. You grow tired of the predictiablity and the repetitiveness. I didn't like it. All though one of the main people do die.

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I admit it is the best book in this series

A brilliant finale in a wonderful series.

A great ending to the series.

Come on August 2, hurry up!

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