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Z Hrobu (2014)

Z hrobu (2014)

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At first I was a little worried about not liking the book as much as I liked the others. Before starting the reading I saw the spoiler of the book [spoiler] now seems Cat is a mother. I couldn't believe it at first, I was like What? [/spoiler] Of course I love the book but I would give it another end. I felt like something was missing, like more parts with the child with Cat and Bones and Tate. It would have been nice seeing how Bones and Tate work together with the child hahahaha.- Ian has been an incredible character in this book. I've always had hope for him.-Cat incredible as always buy she still has her problems about trusting other people. And now she has a lot to learn.-Bones, what can I say about him? I loves him since he very first moment and that hasn't change. In this book we can see that his power has been increased and he is more powerful than ever, although he keeps it for himself. We have to realize that all his actions are intended to keep Cat safe.About the other characters I won't say a thing. I can't be objective when it becomes to this saga.I hope you enjoy your reading as much as I did and I can assure that I will miss this couple a lot. Hope we can see them on other books later, hopefully knowing how the situation is with Katie in the future."If you run from me, I will chase you, and I'll find you..." This is what Bones said to the Reaper in the first book, and we all know how it ended hehehe.Lots of love readers!!P.S: IAN NEEDS HIS OWN BOOK! As for ending goes, This the best Series ending that I've seen so far. Frost gave us Action, Twist, emotion, bringing back old friends while Tying all the loose ends... We couldn't ask for more. The last two books of Night huntress series were a bit of disappointment.. But this one... It delivered everything a reader can expect.. with a cherry on top!If there is one wish I still have, Its a Novel for Ian. Yes, he was a cunning SOB in the earlier books, but the guy seriously grown on us! He was always there when Cat and Bones needed him in the last few novels (and in one novella). If frost gave Spade and Mencheres a book each, Ian definitely deserves a book. I want to read his story. And if there is any chance Frost could write a YA/paranormal book in the near future from another person's POV, who is just a child in this book, and shall not be named... That would make this fangirl very happy.But right now, this was the perfect ending to one of the best Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy series. And readers will not forget it in a long time. We will miss Cat and Bones and their friends terribly... Me? I will definitely come back to read this series again and again...

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