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Zack And Ace (2009)

Zack and Ace (2009)

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3.5-4 starsThis was a pretty good story. I liked the characters and enjoyed the story. I didn't read the first book in the series, this is the first book in the series that I've read. Since each story is based around a different couple, I didn't feel that it was an issue when reading this book. Kelly is an assistant to Doc (the human that helps Circe’s Recruits). Her mother was a doctor that worked for the labs that created the Circs. She's known Doc since she was a child and he's helped her with an "illness" of hers but it seems to be getting worse. Especially when she's around Ace and Zack, two Circs that she's highly attracted to.Zack and Ace are both Circs and have been best friends for years. They were in the military and both underwent treatments in a lab to become and enhanced human, giving them extra abilities for missions. This was years ago and there have been unexpected consequences of the change. One of these is that Circs have an occasional "mating heat" and it can only be satisfied by another Circ. Since their team is all males and there was no female Circs they knew of....well you get the picture. Zack and Ace's beasts felt drawn to each other. This isn't bad for Zack because he's always been bi-sexual and attracted to Ace. Ace was raised by a homo-phoebe father and has trouble getting his head around being with Zack. Especially when he starts having feelings for Zack as more than friends. So things are touchy at times but the pair still make a hell of a team.We start out with Zack and Ace on a mission. There are some issues and both come back to base hurt. Kelly is upset by their injuries and tries to help. During this time she starts feeling weird and worries that her "illness" is escalating. After making sure Zack and Ace will be alright, she goes to Doc and he checks her out. He ends up telling her that she's actually a Circ as well and she's coming in to her maturation, meaning she'll change for the first time very soon. With the attraction and strong feelings between Kelly, Zack and Ace it seems pretty much a given that she'll have them both as mates. She goes home to think about what she's learned. In the mean time, Zack and Ace start feeling a little more comfortable in their relationship, Ace actually showing some attention to Zack outside of the mating heat. When they find out about Kelly's true nature, they agree not to fight over her but to both mate her. Kelly's change comes on quickly and with it a mating heat. Zack and Ace rush to be with her and they come together as a trio. There is sex in shifted form, but the shifted form is just a bigger humanoid form (with claws and teeth and differences in coloring) and all three are in that form when having sex so it didn't seem weird or anything. Things are going pretty well and it's love all around until Ace says something to Kelly that Zack takes the wrong way and Zack takes off for a bit. He comes back but things between him and Ace aren't the same, causing a strain between all three of them. Kelly loves both her mates and isn't satisfied with the strained relationship and puts her foot down, insisting that the two men work through their issues. They do but as they're doing this, Kelly pulls a TSTL move and gets herself caught by the jerks working for the lab the Circs were created in. Fortunately for her, a doctor at the lab that didn't like what was going on, makes a risky move and helps her escape. Kelly's reunited with her mates and with some happy news to boot. All happily in love (and not afraid to show it) they start their HEA.This was a pretty good story. I liked all three of the main characters (although Kelly shocked me with her TSTL move, the rest of the time she seemed relatively intelligent). Overall it was an enjoyable story. It contained a setup for the next book, between the female Dr. that helped Kelly escape and Derrick (one of the Circs). I'll probably read more of the series as I'd like to see what happens with Derrick and the Dr. :D Ok I'm definitely not into man on man stories/scenes. The storyline intrigued me so forward I go through this series. This book had a bit too much man on man for my liking but was a really okay read. Just felt that the majority of the story concentrated too much on the guys, instead of the "mates" as a whole. Although I wouldn't mind meeting Zach!! Phew, now thats a guy in tough with his feelings.Hopefully next book is a little more on the storyline as a whole than on the sex/relationship side. Would have been a much more interesting read if there was a little more action of a different kind in the book =D

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I would have liked to see more of the enhanced super soldier skills, but I still liked at a lot.

This is a awesome book to a awesome series. Its a must read if your into menge..

HOT read.....

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