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Zane's Redemption (2011)

Zane's Redemption (2011)

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I am loving this series!I am on a Tina Folsom diet.. one book a week! I tried to spin it out to one a month but I don't seem to be able to it.. I wanted the series to last longer , you see, so that I could enjoy her series for longer...This is Zane's story and we have all seen him being surly and bad tempered before but it hits new levels in this book.Multi layered and tricky,the plot sees Zane attacked on many different levels but it does not change his focus.Portia is just right as a young hybrid who has been under her fathers control for too long and she makes friends for the first time and she is startled to learn that he does not have her welfare in mind at all. What a wonderful read, I didn't want it to finish! I don't do spoilers, the book blurb covers the storyline superbly and anything I add or tell you about, will ruin the surprise element (I didn't see that one coming - well done author) in this delightful, sexy story. I have had this on my kindle for nearly a year and finally got round to reading it - it was well worth the wait, I want to kick myself for not reading it sooner, I missed out on so much! Zane is an incredible character and my heart bled for him. Going to see if I have any other of Ms Folsom books that I have overlooked, as I am looking forward to reading more from her. Highly, highly recommended.

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Tried to read it online and it's no the story

My favorite book so far. I loved how she brought the past and present together. Really Good.

Probably my favorite so far! Love Zane :)

I'm addicted to every series!

By far my fav in the series!

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