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Zen Ghosts (2010)

Zen Ghosts (2010)

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043963430X (ISBN13: 9780439634304)
Scholastic Press

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With Zen Ghosts, I just didn't feel like I understood this book. I know none of my kids did either. (That may have had something to do with my lack of understanding though.) This book just seemed weird, and I felt like it lacked context. Even with the author's note at the end, this story was just confusing. My son had questions and so did I. While I appreciate a good story, this strange little book had a good story wrapped in weirdness.Not a recommend for me. This was a nice surprise receiving this in the mail this week. Not only are the illustrations beautiful, but the simply message that Jon has within this books pages is powerful I love that the story told within Zen Ghosts is a real story written by Master Wu-men Hi-hai (1130-1260), and is told by Stillwater, a huge panda bar. My children quickly fell in love with him. As Stillwater tells of a story rich in mystery, it will leave both the reader and those being read to, left in thought. Zen Ghosts is about knowing one's self.

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A good book, not quite as good as Zen Shorts, but still solid.

A complex parable for older picture book readers.

I love all of these books.

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