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Zindagi Gulzar Hai (2000)

Zindagi Gulzar Hai (2000)

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اول رواية باكستانية تشد انتباهيقطعا الفضل يعود الى الدراما الباكستانية التي تبنت هذا العمل الجميل والسلسكشف مرتضى) كم احببتك رغم جلافتك الغير مبررة مرات مع زارون ومع الحياة)هذا العمل لامس قلبي جداوالحوارات الرائعةعميرة احمد كاتبة راقية On the surface it seems that this book may not have a great story or plot however I thoroughly enjoyed reading about how the characters grew and matured over the course of the book. I think this is a good read for those of us who can appreciate that sometimes we should read about real life down to earth things rather than always need a grand story with a great climactic point and conflicts and resolution. It was like reading the diaries of two real people who I fell in love with while reding. Definitely recommend :)

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The novel actually intensifies the trust of one on God. A good novel to read.




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