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Zogg (2010)

Zogg (2010)

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About book Zogg (2010)

This book is full of colorful, fun illustrations that add to a story about dragons attending school. Children will be able to relate to Zog as he tries his hardest to earn a "Gold Star" at dragon school, falling short each time. Zog flies into a tree, becomes hoarse when he roars and catches his wing on fire when he is practicing breathing fire. Each time Zog gets hurt a nice girl helps him out by bandaging his wing or offering him a peppermint for his throat. In the fourth year of Dragon School, the dragons' learn how to capture a princess. Zog really wants a gold star in dragon class but feels like it just isn't going to happen until the girl comes to his rescue again. The girl tells Zog that her name is Princess Pearl and suggests that he capture her and take her back to dragon class. Zog earns his gold star when he flies into dragon class with a Princess on his back! The last and final lesson in Dragon School is how to fight. Zog and a Knight begin to fight over Princess Pearl but the Princess stops the fight before it even starts. Princess Pearl announces that she wants to be a doctor and amazingly the Knight wants to be a doctor as well. All three of them ride off into the sunset together. Kids will enjoy the rhyming text that has repetitive phrases throughout the book. Another Julia Donaldson picture book on its way to being a classic! It is beautifully illustrated by Axel Scheffler and tells the story of Zog the dragon who is not quite like other dragons.This is a great addition to any bookshelf but it will probably be snatched by Key Stage 1. Any child however, will love the moral behind the story and it would be ideal for any EAL or SEN to add to their reading collection, especially as a home book.It is a great addition to phonics lessons as it is written in rhyme and is a good example of those 'tricky' words such as 'blew' and 'flew', 'head' and 'said'.

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Makes for a fun read aloud at a storytime even though Zog never does get a gold star.

Grace really likes this one - nice rhyming, illustrations wonderful, good story

My 2 year olds favourite at the moment.

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