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Zombie Baseball Beatdown - FREE PREVIEW EDITION (The First 10 Chapters) (2013)

Zombie Baseball Beatdown - FREE PREVIEW EDITION (The First 10 Chapters) (2013)
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Zombie Baseball Beatdown - FREE PREVI...
Zombie Baseball Beatdown - FREE PREVIEW EDITION (The First 10 Chapters) (2013)

About book: Zombie Baseball Beatdown is exactly what is sounds like, it's a middle grade book about baseball and zombies! Rabi and his friends notice something strange while playing baseball in the park near the meatpacking plant. The clean-up crew tries to convince the boys to keep quiet, but when things get out of hand they feel the need to investigate. It's silly and the zombies actually say, "Braaaains," and there are ZOMBIE COWS! There are also some more serious subjects like racism, illegal immigration, working conditions as well as the conditions of factory farming. Sounds heavy, but it's still a horror comedy. Thrilling and thought provoking, but mostly funny! Rabi might not be the strongest hitter on his team-but he knows how think things through and play the odds. Which is going to be important-because the local meat packing plant has just released a choking cloud of reek, the employees have been mysteriously deported, and the cows in the feedlot hunger for human flesh. That plant provides meat to seven states. The authorities are blind to the threat.It’s time for Rabi (along with his best friends Miguel and Joe) to rally the team and unleash-a Zombie Baseball Beatdown.I love this book. It’s exactly the kind of book I want for my classroom-targeted to reluctant readers without being shallow and vapid. Beatdown is full of ideas-come for the zombies, stay for thoughtful discussion of immigration and the food industry. The diverse protagonists have fully realized backgrounds that inform how they fight zombies. It might be awhile until fans of Beatdown are ready for Bacigalupi’s other novels-but it’s great to see talented writers writing awesome books for a neglected audience.
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I have to stop telling myself that I don't like zombie stories. Apparently I love the genre.
Great audiobook! I really enjoyed the ending, and of course all of the zombie bashing.
Loved the book best thing I've read
genius and so fun
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